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How To Lay Ceramic Tiles

The Key to laying ceramic tiles is that they must be laid on a suitable mostly flat surface. Ceramic tiles no matter what type all take compressive loads well. However laying ceramic tiles on walls, floors, bathrooms, and kitchen splash backs are the most common places where ceramic tiles are laid. Laying tiles is a fairly simple process however it does require a high degree of accuracy and quality materials. Find out how!

How to Solder Copper Pipe

Soldering copper pipe is a fairly basic way to join copper pipe and is used in bathroom and kitchen installs, remodels, and renovations. If you are renovating or remodeling your home or adding an other water line to part of your yard or garden, you can run it with copper pipe. We show you how to solder copper pipe and copper to brass fittings using soft solder and silver solder. Know the differences and learn how to use then effectively.

How to plaster drywall or plasterboard joints

Setting of plastering plasterboard joints (plasterboard is sometimes called drywall, and gyprock) is used to cover each joint in plasterboard. So when the plasterboard have been 'set' and then sanded you can paint the walls without seeing any joins. So how do you plaster the plasterboard joints? With some basic tools and the right materials we show you how to get the best results.