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Development Application

Development Application

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How to submit a Development Applications or DABefore any new building or major renovation can start a development application (DA) must be submitted to your council. This is a request to carry out development at a particular address. It is a formal request to build or renovate and if/when permission is given by your local council it is called development consent.When is a Development application required?You must submit a development application if you intend or propose to do any of the following:

  • Build a new building or structure.
  • Build outdoor structures: pergolas, pools, decks etc.
  • Extend or add to an existing building.
  • Demolish a building.
  • Demolish any heritage building or structure.
  • Change the use of a building, e.g. From a factory to a community building.
  • Subdivide land and/or strata subdivide a building.
  • Carry out earthworks, excavation or to fill in land.

When is a DA not required?While most situations will require a development application there are some areas that do not need a DA. These vary from council to council and your local council will to devise you on this. Some councils do not require a development application for pergolas under 20sqm. While others will let a deck to be built under 10sqm. So check with your council before you start. How do I prepare the development application?Most councils will be able to help you with this and many produce a DA ‘how to’ guide telling you exactly what is needed. Most DA’s must be made up of the following:

  • Four copies of the application form.
  • Four copies of the plans and drawings of the proposed development.
  • Four copies of the BASIX Certificate.
  • Four copies of a Environmental impact statement.
  • Assessment fee.

Under some development applications, like additions and renovations, only two copies are required instead of four.Development CategoriesExempt and complying developmentThis type is for minor developments and thus does not require a DA. These types of developments like minor renovations, most bathrooms and kitchens and some out buildings under a particular size. Local DevelopmentMost houses fall into this category as they are a local matter and do not require approval from a state or federal authority.Approvals from other agenciesFor example:

  • Heritage Council.
  • Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources.
  • Department of Environment and Conservation.

However these are not always required and the DA guide from your local council will tell if you need other agency approvals. There are other requirements when building or renovating, like storm water runoff, builder’s waste containers, and fencing. Your local council will be able to help by supplying you with these requirements so that your DA complies.