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Design with Ceramic Tiles

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Designs of ceramic tiling

There are many different design styles for ceramic tiling and the designs can seem endless. What style and pattern? This is important question that many people go through when they and renovating their bathroom, kitchen slash back or general floor tiling. To answer this question it does come down to personal choice and the look that you trying to achieve. There are some main style and design types that should be discussed.

Classic, Modern, Minimalist, basic, murals,


This style makes use of natural stone or tiles that look like natural stone. The style uses stone like marble, limestone, slate, etc. The style comes from the Roman times and was used in Roman baths. The style is also widely used in Italy. For bathrooms you would use stone or tiles that look like stone. Large format tiles are best from 300mm x 300mm and up look the best. Also the tiles often have a matching border tile to complement the design. The advantage of using look alike tiles is that you do not have to seal them. This classic design still looks great in the roman baths found in England and Italy. Tiles are often laid diagonally and some have a boarder tiles around the edges.


This style mirrors the current trend of the day and its colours. While there has been a trend for grays and dark browns. The Modern style has more to it and in fact does not generally use boarder tiles like the classic design. However, the main theme behind the modern design is to lay feature walls and panels of feature tiles. For example instead of laying the boarder around the whole room like the classic design you would lay a panel of feature tiles behind the vanity from the floor to the ceiling. This means if you have a 900mm wide vanity your feature tiles would be 900mm wide. The other part of the design is a strip panel of tile that runs from floor to ceiling. The strip panel can be 300mm wide or wider (or smaller) it depends on what you like. The strip panel of feature tiles draw your eye and can make a bathroom look longer. You can mix and match your colours however the current trend is using large format tiles on the walls and floor e.g. 300mm x 600mm. Then use a panel of small tiles as the feature these can be stone, glass, stainless steel or the colour of your choice. This design is very effective and can make a bathroom come alive. Tip: Try and use colour that you will still be happy with in ten years.


This style is simple and basic. It uses a lot of white and plain tiles with little or no feature tiles which draws your eye to the fittings. With this style more is spent on the fittings and less on the tiles. Also is often laid in brick pattern. Basic: This is a budget line type of tiling with white or vanilla tiles and the tiles come in sets so that it has a printed tile boarder included. This is simple but effective and great for those on a tighter budget. These are often laid in a standard grip pattern.


This is a specialised style and uses many small tiles to make up the design. This can be done by a person using a lot of small tiles to make a picture. There are companies that specialise in making murals and can make up a picture of your choice using many small tiles and then these are put onto mat for easy laying.