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Councils and Home Building

Councils and Home Building

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Dealing with Councils and Home ConstructionBuilding approvals are needed for all homes to be built within the guide lines of local and state regions. So before you start building a new home or undertaking a major renovation you must gain a building approval. This allows the council to do two main things:One: Building within Council and town planning guide linesThis means the council or local authority will check your building or renovation is within the local building laws and guide lines.They will check: (some may not apply to your site)

  • Environmental impact.
  • Site plan in relation to your neighbours: windows positions, impact on neighbours for example: privacy, sunlight, etc.
  • Heritage impact: applies only to old heritage homes.
  • Storm water runoff.
  • Sediment and erosion control.
  • Salinity: this affects homes to be built on soil with a high salt content. Salinity damages and will destroy standard concrete thus this is also taken into account.

Two: Building construction laws and Regulations

  • Council will make sure the building complies standard building laws and practice.
  • The plan has a structural engineers report.
  • The materials comply with local regulations and/or Heritage styles.
  • Building efficiency: Basix or energy efficient design and materials to reduce green house emissions.

Councils run on a strict set of rules and they will not break or bend the rules for your home. If the council rejects your plans you can appeal stating your reasons why they should be reconsidered. However if they do not comply with the rules your only way forward is to try and get your plan passed through the land and environment court. This can be costly and time consuming with no guarantee of a positive result. The best way, in designing and building, is to be aware of the restrictions and make sure your design falls within these areas. An architect will be able also advise you on what is going to be within the building guide lines. Also go and talk you your council or local authority and get as much information as you can.Options for home buildingThere are many option available for those who are about to build a house. You choose your level of involvement in the building process which may depend on your time and expertise.However the building process can be broken into three main stages:

  • Choosing the house design or having an architect design one for you.
  • Choosing the land: Sloping or flat which must match or be able match the home design you have chosen.
  • Choosing a Builder or owner building.

These three main stages will have to be thought about at same time as some houses cannot be build on sloping land and other design are designed for sloping land. Also if you are using a builder you to make sure they are able to get the result that you want. The way to do this is to see other work they have done and communicate the level and type of finish you want.