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Air Conditioning

Air conditioning your home

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Air Conditioning is a common part of a house today. While older homes were not built with air conditioning many older home have had air conditioning installed. Most new homes today are built with air conditioning in mind with extra insulation as part of building. Most new air conditioners come with inverter technology which saves power.

Main types of air conditioning

Box, portable or Window air conditioners: These are the least efficient of all the air conditioners available for house today. However they are also the cheapest and are ready to use straight out of the box. The fact that they are compact also makes them less efficient because the heat exchanger is smaller.


Spit System Air Conditioners

indoor unitSpit systems are where the pump (compressor) and heat exchanger (outside unit) is separate to the head (inside unit) inside the home. The outside unit has a large heat exchanger, fan, and pump which does the work of heating or cooling. The inside head unit contains a smaller air exchanger and fan. Between the two units are two refrigerant gas filled pipes that take the cooled or heated gas to and from the exchanger. The gas inside the pipe is ether cooled or heated depending on the direction of the gas. For cooling the heat from your home is transferred outside via the heat exchanger which will blow hot air out of the outdoor unit. For heat the cold is taken out of your home and blown out of the heat exchanger. The warmth of the air is exchanged and brought into your home even if the air is cold outside. Most new air conditioning units come with inverter air conditioning power controls. This saves power by slowing down the pump instead of switching it on and off.

Central Air Conditioning

central air conditioningCentral air conditioning has the main heat pump/cooling pump outside. The Gas is piped to a control heating/cooling unit within the roof cavity. This unit has a radiator (heat exchanger) and fan inside. The fan takes air from inside the home and passes it through the radiator heating or cooling it depending on the cycle selected. Then the fan pushes this air into all of the rooms via ducting and out through ceiling vents. Then the air is exchanged back into the central unit via a ceiling intake vent.

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